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Study of technical and economic feasibility of investments in production of sugar and ethanol.

OBJECTIVE: To develop economic feasibility study (business plan) of an investment project, aiming at the production and marketing of alcohol and sugar for the domestic and export markets. The economic viability of the co-generation of electricity is also included in the study.

Besides the technical aspects of the feasibility and constraints related to cost of production, logistics, likely revenues, technology, are also considered state for the production of sugarcane, sugar and ethanol incentives.

● Mave -  Maximizing  the Economic Value of Companies  -  When handling projects for maximizing the economic value of companies that grow sugar cane and produce sugar and alcohol, JOB relies on the services of renowned professionals who are specialists in the sector and who each collaborate in their own particular area of expertise to produce a global study of the company. Forming part of the scope of this work are: (1) Diagnosis of the current situation –due diligence, (2) Action plan, with the aim of optimizing results , (3) System for monitoring and controlling results.   All technical aspects relating to the crop, the industry and the environment are analyzed. We also carry out an evaluation of the accounting, financial and asset situations of the business and its fiscal ,labor-law and environmental contingencies. The economic, commercial, logistics and skills management performance are included in this analysis.

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