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Radar Sugar & Ethanol
This is a package of bilingual services (Portuguese or English) that aims to meet the client’s needs for market intelligence and data that will facilitate investment decisions.
Weekly Monitoring
Realised since the 1995/1996 crop, the sugar and alcohol markets in the Center South and Northeast Regions.
Annual Seminars
We do a regular seminars, workshops and round-tables to discuss the sector’s current themes.
Economic Consulting
We has been working in partnership with other professionals and other similar companies in Brazil and external.
Domestic sugar market
Jul 4th-Jul 5th 2024

São Paulo (Cash, ex-mill R$ 5.56) US$ 425/t.

Northeast (Cash, ex-mill R$ 5.56) US$ 479/t.


Ethanol Anhydrous
Jul 4th-Jul 5th 2024

São Paulo (Cash, ex-mill R$ 5.56) US$0.505/l

Northeast (Cash, ex-mill R$ 5.56) -0-

Ethanol Hydrous
Jul 4th-Jul 5th 2024

São Paulo (Cash, ex-mill R$ 5.56) - US$0.456/l

Northeast (Cash, ex-mill R$ 5.56) -  US$0.545/l

Jul 4th-Jul 5th 2024

Interview on August 26, 2014
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